Many individuals aren’t able to care for their loved ones because they live too far apart or because of the emotional and physical strain of caring for elders or people with disabilities. No matter the reason, Sunny Days In-Home Care is a great in-home care option for family members who are looking to provide caregiving from a distance.

To aid this task, Sunny Days In-Home Care offers The Family Room by ClearCare, an online service that allows family members to communicate with their loved one’s caregiver and ensure that their loved one is receiving the highest quality of care. Thanks to The Family Room, the stress of taking care of aging parents from a distance is minimized.

Communicate with the Caregiver and Staff

The Family Room makes sure that everyone is on the same page by allowing various family members, caregivers, and Sunny Days staff to stay in communication. This will help to keep everyone informed of your loved one’s activities and needs, and to monitor the day-to-day services that caregivers are providing. One of the most valued benefits of this online service is the notes feature as caregivers can update the online portal with notes about a loved one’s day, and they can even leave a voicemail about any issues that occurred or requests.

Manage and Review Daily Schedules

It can be hard to keep track of your own schedule, let alone the schedule of your loved one. With Sunny Days In-Home Care, you’ll not only receive help managing your loved one’s schedule on a daily basis, but you’ll also be involved with scheduling decisions. On The Family Room, any family member can review their loved one’s schedule for the day and make any necessary changes, such as adding new appointments, events, or tasks. Additionally, the online portal will list current prescriptions and dosages, so you can make sure that your loved one is receiving the medicine they need.

Pay Bills and Add Notes

Often, multiple family members are involved in their loved one’s care. In addition to communicating about activities, schedules, and progress, you can use The Family Room for bill-paying purposes, helping to keep track of shared expenses and updating financial information.

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