The Family Room

In-Home Remote Monitoring For Long-Distance Caregiving


The Family Home Care Online Portal:
Care at Home Made Easier with Remote Monitoring

If you’re caring for an elderly parent or a loved one with a disability from a long distance, keeping track of daily activities and ensuring their safety becomes difficult. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we offer our clients’ family members a specialized tool for tracking care services through an online portal called The Family Room.

The Family Room is a secure website that connects family members, caregivers, and staff at the Sunny Days office. Family members can log in from any type of device to do a number of things:

• Manage and review the daily schedule, adding tasks and appointments

• List prescriptions and dosages

• Post task reminders to be sure that everyone is on the same page

• Pay or split a portion of the bill with other family members

At the end of the shift, caregivers post notes in The Family Room, so you know how your loved one’s day went. Caregivers can even leave family members a voicemail in The Family Room, to alert them of any issues or requests. This resource offers you peace of mind and keeps you connected to your loved one’s care, no matter how far away you may be.

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