This past Thanksgiving, we were able to express our gratitude by providing dinners to those who were unable to share the holiday with their families. It was such an opportunity to share the love that we have for seniors and give back a little bit to our community, and our caregivers were all on board!

“Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and appreciation to those we love. And, we thought what better way to share that experience than to supply our love and appreciation to our clients,” said David Ellenwood, founder and CEO of Sunny Days In-Home Care. “It breaks our hearts to see some of our clients unable to celebrate this special holiday with their families and loved ones.”

“At Sunny Days, we are true believers of companies giving back to their communities all year-round, but we really have a soft spot for helping families in need during the holiday season,” said John Bennett, director of franchising for Sunny Days In-Home Care. “Providing this unforgettable experience for our clients reminds us about our values and how our focus is on family values and serving our clients.”

Not only were our clients appreciative, but also several news outlets picked up on the story and covered it to their readers. We will share a few of those links below. In the meantime Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Boston
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • The Almanac

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