For older individuals, living alone can often lead to isolation, malnutrition, misuse of medication, and undiagnosed medical problems like vision or hearing loss. However, living alone does not have to mean going through life alone. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we understand how important it is for seniors to remain connected to their community and have a little fun in the process.

Here are some ways you or your loved one can limit isolation and connect with the community.

Volunteering with a local organization encourages social interaction.

Nonprofits throughout the U.S. greatly benefit from their volunteers, no matter what age. Volunteering not only provides a place for social interaction but it can also provide health benefits like finding purpose, mental stimulation, healthy physical activity and avoiding depression. Find a cause you care about and use your life experiences and expertise to help those in need. Go online or call your local community center for ideas. If you need help getting to the volunteer site, Sunny Days senior care services in Pittsburgh can provide a caregiver to drive you there.

Check out Pittsburgh Cares to see the different volunteer programs in Pittsburgh.

Many religious institutions offer free programs both in and out of the house.

If you are unable to attend services, many religious organizations will send a member to your home for prayer and encouragement. This keeps you connected to your faith and welcomes a weekly visitor into your home. Many also offer telephone networks ensuring you receive weekly, sometimes daily, phone calls from caring individuals welcoming conversation. You may even find that they host lunch outings, game nights and daily activities where you can connect with other people your age. Through our in-home care for elderly, Sunny Days caregivers encourage these connections and can be present for additional help. These visits can be especially helpful as a part of in-home care for people with dementia.

Consider joining an Adopt-a-Grandparent program.

Many colleges, churches and high schools sponsor adopt-a-grandparent programs, with the goal of creating family-like bonds between young people and older adults. They share encouragement, mentorship and regular visits. Sometimes, the bond even extends out to an entire family and their surrogate grandparent. You will enjoy things like shared meals, conversation, family activities, holidays and emotional support. Plus, you can share your knowledge and experiences as you mentor a young person. As a part of home care for seniors, Sunny Days will welcome this new “family” into your home and help you enjoy their company.

Sunny Days offers companionship senior care services in Pittsburgh.

Another way you or your loved one can feel connected to the community is through our caring companionship and travel companion assistance programs. Our caregivers come into our clients’ homes to help combat feelings of isolation through conversation, hobbies and brain-stimulating activities.

We also offer travel companion assistance to help you or your loved one get around town. These trips to visit friends and family members are precious opportunities, and we want to make them as safe as possible as part of our services offering home care for seniors.

Looking for consistent companionship? Sunny Days In-Home Care will assess your situation and determine the right plan for you and your loved one. Whether you need standard in-home care for elderly or dementia in-home care, Sunny Days can help. Learn more about our programs for seniors by contacting us today. Call us at (724) 260-5186, email [email protected], or send us a message, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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