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Featured Caregivers 2021

May Featured Caregiver

May 2021 featured caregiver

Meet our featured caregiver of the month, Erica Alford! Erica has been with the Sunny Days family for almost FIVE years! She is originally from Pittsburgh, specifically East Liberty and now resides on the North Side. She has four children and three grandchildren, one Pitbull, five red ear slider turtles, and two tanks full of random fish! She is a pet lover!

Erica’s favorite part of caregiving is “…knowing that I have helped someone get through their day doing something that may seem so simple to us may not be for them. It also helps me feel like I made a difference.” Her advice to other caregivers is “…Caregiving is hard work, it requires constant focus and decision making so take care of yourself, it will help you take better care of someone else. It’s okay to take a break!”

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling, fishing, camping, exercising, bike riding, and watching movies. Her favorite food is fried chicken and pasta, her favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz and the Notebook, and her favorite type of music is R&B. A random fact about Erica is that she loves house plants!

Caregivers like Erica are what make the Sunny Days family so special. A client getting to have a caregiver for five years and counting is so special, we are so thankful for Erica and all of her hard work!

April Featured Caregiver

April 2021 caregiver Melinda

Meet our featured caregiver of the month, Melinda Bender! Melinda has been with the Sunny Days family for three years and is originally from New Brighton. She has three children, three dogs, and three cats.

Melinda was recommended for featured caregiver of the month by her manager because “…She loves helping people and building a professionally friendly relationship.” When asked what her advice to other caregivers is, Melinda said “…be patient with your clients and take it slow.”

Outside of work, Melinda likes to go to her camp, play with her pets, and hang with her children and husband. Her favorite food is any food from a steakhouse or Chinese restaurant, her favorite type of movie is any Marvel movie, and she loves Rock N’ Roll and Country music. A fun fact about Melinda is that when she’s down, Gilmore Girls is her comfort TV show and can make her instantly feel better.

We’re so thankful for caregivers like Melinda and their dedication to our company and their clients.

March Featured Caregiver

Alberta March 2021 Featured Caregiver

Please meet our featured caregiver for the month of March 2021, Alberta Miller. Alberta has been with the Sunny Days Family for 8 years! She’s originally from Washington, PA where she resides with her daughter, two grandsons, two dogs, and a cat.

When asked why she nominated Alberta, her manager said this… “Alberta is one of the best caregivers around. I have recommended her because she is kind, caring, and always reliable. Alberta puts her heart into caring for clients and it shows.” Alberta’s favorite part of being a caregiver is helping people to maintain their independence. Her advice to other caregivers would be to “…always remain calm and patient.”

Outside of work, she loves spending her time with her grandsons and daughter. Her favorite food is ice cream, her favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Grease, and her favorite genres of music are classic rock, oldies, and country. A fun fact about Alberta is that she enjoys decorating and gardening and is known for her green thumb.

Caregivers like Alberta, especially caregivers who can stick through the good and bad times for as long as eight years are the backbone of our company. We feel so confident trusting our clients to the capable hands of caregivers like Alberta.

February Featured Caregiver

Melissa Hoover Caregiver

Meet our featured caregiver of the month, Melissa Hoover!

Melissa has been with the Sunny Days family for 10 months and is already making a lasting impact on her coworkers and clients. She’s originally from Enon Valley, where she lives now with her sweet dog Luna. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Melissa was nominated by her manager because she is constantly going beyond the call of duty and is one of the most helpful people you’ll ever meet. She will stop everything she’s doing, no matter what it is, just to help someone! She does this time and time again not only for her clients but for her coworkers as well. She summarized her favorite part of being a caregiver quite succinctly, “I enjoy helping people.”

Her advice for other caregivers would be… “to have patience and be consistent. Being aware of the clients needs is so important!  Communicating with them and treating them with respect is number one priority. And lastly, have fun and enjoy your job!”

Melissa’s favorite food is seafood, she loves all kind of music, and a random fact about her that no one would guess is that she loves to sing!

It’s caregivers like Melissa that make Sunny Days such a unique and elite homecare agency. We feel so comfortable leaving our clients in the capable and loving hands of caregivers just like Melissa!

January Featured Caregiver

Jan 2021 caregiver of the month

Please meet our featured caregiver for the month of January… Tina Cooper! Tina has been with the Sunny Days Family for three months and is already making a huge impact on the company! She is originally from Pittsburgh, PA however, most of her family resides in upstate New York. She loves spending time with her cat named “Llama”. She also loves spending her time outside of work with her friends. In general, she likes to help people and make people’s lives better!

Tina’s manager nominated her for this award because… “Tina has gone above and beyond since being hired in September of 2020. Every client she has ever cared for has had nothing but positive things to say. She always makes sure the client is happy while also completing all her tasks during her shift. I wish I had 20 more caregivers just like her!”

Tina says her reasoning for being a caregiver is … “I just enjoy being around people who need me and love helping people.” Her advice to other caregivers would be “… be patient and take your time.”

Tina’s favorite food is escargot, her favorite movie is Pretty Woman, and her favorite type of music is Christian Music. A random fact about Tina is that she loves to dance!

While Tina has only been with our team for three months, it’s obviously she was meant to be a caregiver and make the lives of our clients better! We are so thankful for Tina and all the caregivers just like her!