On the surface, a caregiver is simply a family member or paid employee who regularly looks after a child, sick family member, elderly or disabled person. But, to us, caregivers are much more than that.

Not only are caregivers an important part of the healthcare system, especially for clients who are in long-term or hospice care, but day in and day out, these dedicated individuals commit their lives to care for someone else’s needs.

Even though we understand the pledge caregivers make to provide the best for their clients and their families, they are often overlooked and under appreciated, which is why we’re happy to celebrate and recognize National Caregivers Day. On the third Friday in February, people and companies across the nation show their appreciation for their dedicated caregivers who’ve made it their mission to tend to the individuals who can no longer care for themselves.

But, before we celebrate the wonderful caregivers in our Sunny Days In-Home Care family, let’s learn a little about how the national awareness day came to be.

How was National Caregivers Day Started?

Providers Association for Home Health & Hospice Agencies (PAHHH) is an organization dedicated to promoting and educating individuals about the concerns that develop in the healthcare community. One of the biggest concerns the organization noticed was the lack of appreciation that was shown for hardworking caregivers who provided high quality care to individuals in hospitals, hospices and home care environments.

Because of that, PAHHHA saw a need to raise awareness for just how much caregivers do for people and created a national day of recognition. In 2015, the PAHHHA announced the national day of recognition and on February 19, 2016 we will celebrate the first ever National Caregivers Day.

What can Be Done to Celebrate National Caregivers Day?

The sky is the limit for what you, or any business, can do to celebrate this national day of recognition. Send flowers, cards, snacks or treats to a caregiver who works in a long-term or hospice environment. Give them a hug or just let them know how much their hard work is appreciated by you, and everyone else in the world.

Here at Sunny Days In-Home Care, we are recognizing the day by distributing nearly 100 handwritten “Thank You” letters to the amazing caregivers who’ve committed at least six months to our company vision of compassionate and trustworthy care.

But, it’s not just us in the home care or healthcare industries that can celebrate the caregivers in our lives — businesses can take part in the activities too. Local businesses could develop a promotional offering to discount goods or services for individuals who are caregivers. This is a great way to not only promote your business, but to show your appreciation for these hardworking individuals.

In addition to these suggestions, you can also celebrate just by taking part in this day of recognition. The PAHHHA is asking individuals who regularly use social media to post a status or tweet their appreciation to caregivers using #NationalCaregiversDay. This simple gesture can help raise awareness and is a great way to say ‘thank you’ to these individuals.

National Caregivers Day is just one of many ways to show appreciation for these individuals, and when the day is over, we should continue to celebrate the caregivers in our lived. You too can get involved by showing your appreciation throughout the year. A simple ‘thank you’, writing a note, or even baking cookies can help boost the spirit of these individuals who work tirelessly to provide high quality care to the loved ones in your life.

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