Aging happens naturally, but aging well requires a plan. As people start to age, many start taking steps to eat better, exercise regularly and organize and streamline their lives to set them up for a healthy future. But they shouldn’t stop there. Healthy aging should include thinking about your future financial, medical and family needs. Part of that plan should include home health care.

Home care for seniors in the Pittsburgh area helps aging adults transition into another stage of life. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we help people in need, along with their loved ones, design a personalized program that allows them to get caring assistance in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. When considering in-home care options, consider these five questions.

In-home care for seniors helps you stay safe

You may not see the risks your home presents right now, but think about how that may change as you get older. Tasks and chores that were once easy may no longer be possible or safe for you to complete. Home care services can help you complete more physically intensive or otherwise risky tasks — such as operating the stove — giving you and your family peace of mind knowing that you are safe. Safety issues become all the more paramount when considering in-home care for seniors with dementia, as these individuals’ impaired mental state puts them at higher risk. Home care allows them to get assistance yet stay in a familiar environment.

How will you maintain a good diet?

Home care for seniors can give you the attention and care needed to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. A Sunny Days caregiver can go grocery shopping for you, buying fresh ingredients along with your favorite foods. They can prepare ingredients for you to cook later, or do basic cooking for you. For those who need in-home care for seniors with dementia, caregivers can also provide reminders and encouragement for eating healthy meals and snacks. They can also alert family members to missed meals or possible stomach issues.

Prolong and ease the transition into assisted living with in-home care

In-home care for seniors is about supporting your independence for as long as possible.

While an assisted living facility may be necessary at some point, in-home care lets you stay in your home longer. Whether it’s your favorite chair or your backyard garden, home care for seniors allows you to keep the things you love close by.

In-home care for seniors can be more affordable

After you retire, your expenses can quickly add up. Without steady income, it is important to start saving for your future early. Choosing in-home care also helps you save money for your future health needs. According to the National Association of Home Care, home care for seniors costs an average of $400 less per day when compared to long-term nursing facilities.

Providing in-home care for seniors and in-home care for seniors with dementia

Sunny Days In-Home Care is committed to helping people maintain their happiness and lifestyle at their home for as long as possible by providing thorough and caring home care for seniors. Get a free in-home care consultation with one of our Caregiver Managers or call us at (724) 260-5186 for help today.

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Our Mission

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