As an adult, there comes a turning point when your parent can no longer provide the support that’s been there since you were born, and you must become the care provider. Having the roles reversed can be difficult for you to cope with aging parents, but there is help and support available.

One of the difficulties with providing care for aging parents is the emotional stress and fallout it can cause. Your parent may feel anger and even resentment that they’re no longer in control or no longer have authority and now must become dependent on you and your siblings for care and support.

It’s not unusual for you to feel guilt at not knowing how to care and support your parent. You may even feel selfish for not wanting to sacrifice your own independence to return home and be there when they need you.

Caring For Aging Parents

The first step in caring for an aging parent is to have an honest conversation with them

Ask for your parent’s advice. Chances are they’ve been through this with their own parents and in-laws, and they may have an idea of what they need from you. This conversation gives you both the opportunity to discuss concerns, potential problems, the exact help they need and whether you can provide it, how and when to involve your siblings, or you may discuss whether in-home care is the best move.

If you have siblings, you’ll need to discuss shared responsibility and roles. It’s not unusual for one sibling to be selected as the ‘chosen one’ when it comes to giving care. But don’t delay spending the necessary time to discuss your needs, your parent’s needs and how each sibling can play his or her part.

How To Deal With Elderly Parents

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to dealing with elderly parents who need care

Unless you’re a trained medical professional, you’re unlikely to fully understand how to care for your aging parents – and even medical professionals may find it difficult looking after their own family members. While searching online can provide you with a range of resources to uncover how your parent may be struggling, the help they specifically need is entirely personal to them.

Speak to medical professionals about your parents, and ensure that they still have a voice when it comes to explaining the help they need and how they want to receive it. Gradually you may have to play a more active role in making decisions for your parent, but until that point, collaborate where you can.

Cost of In-Home Care

A key concern when caring for an aging parent is the cost involved

You might feel stressed and guilty that you can’t afford to provide the care you want to give your parent(s). Ultimately, you may need to make tough financial decisions about whether you’re able to give up your career to care for them or afford the cost of hiring professional in-home caregivers. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we offer multiple payment and pricing options for the cost of in-home care, and we’re prepared to help you make decisions that factor in cost as well as the assistance that your loved one needs.

Having a free consultation with an in-home care provider, such as Sunny Days, will enable you to sit down with your parents and discuss everything in detail. We know the resources available in your area, how much things cost, and how we can strike the right balance between great quality care for your aging parents, and peace of mind for yourself.

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