When the tasks of daily life become more difficult for an older person living at home, it’s important to ensure their safety by considering the risks and then planning ways to keep them safe. There are a number of issues that can occur when an older person is living at home alone or when one or both spouses are in declining health.

Here are potential hazards that must be reviewed when considering in-home care for seniors.

  1. Your loved one is not eating proper meals

As people get older, their appetites tend to decline and some even get bored with food. In addition, an older person may not be able to get the groceries they need to create decent meals. To ensure they are getting proper nutrition, take the time to stock your loved one’s fridge and freezer with pre-made meals that only need to be heated up in a microwave. Caregivers working for Sunny Days elder care services in Pittsburgh can go grocery shopping for your loved one and prepare them nutritious meals.

  1. Medication isn’t taken correctly

Medication mistakes are common in the older population. If a person forgets to take medication or takes too much, that can lead to serious health complications and even put a person at risk of death. Portion prescriptions and over-the-counter medications in a weekly or monthly medication pill holder, and create a schedule for the person to follow.

  1. They are a target for scammers

Remind your loved one that they should never give out any financial information over the phone, as they are prone to getting scammed by criminals who prey on seniors. Simply having home care for a senior, a person around to “keep an eye” on your loved one’s activity, can save them from a devastating financial or personal identity loss.

  1. Increased fall risk

Falls are the single biggest source of fatal and non-fatal injuries among older individuals. As people age, their natural sense of balance is diminished. Additionally, many medications can cause dizziness and loss of balance. To reduce the risk of falls, install grab bars in the bathroom and remove all clutter from the floors, including throw rugs and small furniture that cause tripping.

  1. Decline in personal grooming

It’s not uncommon for older individuals to begin to overlook common grooming habits such as bathing and wearing clean clothing. Set up a personal grooming schedule for your elder, and be sure they have laundry assistance. Sunny Days In-Home Care elder care services in Pittsburgh can assist seniors who have a tough time getting in and out of the tub or shower or who need laundry assistance.

  1. Bills aren’t getting paid

It’s easy to start forgetting to pay bills on time. This could result in unnecessary late fees or even lead to a discontinuation of electric or gas service. Set up your loved one with an online banking account and have the basic bills automatically drawn from their account every month.

  1. Feelings of isolation

Depression affects people of all ages, and it’s more common among people with another health condition. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 2 million of the 34 million Americans age 65 and older suffer from some form of depression. If your elder feels isolated and is at risk for depression, make an effort to call each day to check in. Home care for seniors goes a long way in helping them feel cared-for and connected to the outside world.

Get elder services in Pittsburgh through Sunny Days In-Home Care. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, we understand all the potential risks seniors face as they age, and the burden placed on the loved ones who work to keep them safe. Learn more about the home care for seniors we offer by requesting more information or calling (724) 260-5186.

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