With summer arriving, now’s a good time to start planning outdoor activities you can do with family and friends. Summer is a great time to enjoy the great outdoors. Seniors, in particular, can significantly benefit from spending time outside daily. Fresh air and sunshine can enhance your mental, physical and emotional health. So get out of the house and enjoy life to the fullest. There are so many health benefits to getting outside daily. Here are just a few.

Vitamin D from the Sun

Sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D, which is good for brain health and strengthening bones and muscles. So take time to soak up some sun. Look for opportunities to do the activities you enjoy most such as walking, swimming or a game of golf.

Outdoor exercise helps strengthen your body, improves coordination, provides mental stimulation and boosts your mood. If you’re feeling down or out of sorts, spending time outdoors is sure to pick up your spirits, especially if you take time to socialize with others you see along the way.

Relaxation by Communing with Nature

Find a nice quiet spot where you can relax and commune with nature. Nature has a way of soothing your spirit and putting you in a good mood. Sit on your balcony or porch to enjoy a sunset or watch the trees sway in the breeze. Go to a nearby park to enjoy the scenery. Listen to the birds or watch the squirrels scampering from tree to tree. Plan a picnic with family or friends at the beach. When you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature, you can’t help but feel at peace.

Mental and Physical Stimulation Through Outdoor Play

If you’re in good health, get outdoors for some vigorous exercise and fun in the sun. Go swimming in the ocean or hiking on nature trails. Take power walks in your local park or have some vigorous playtime with your dog. Daily exercise will keep you mentally and physically fit so you can enjoy your golden years to the full. Living an active lifestyle can reduce your risk of heart problems, high blood pressure and dementia as physical activity helps stimulate your brain to improve your memory.

Outdoor time can also help you de-stress as you’re less likely to focus on your problems. If you live close to a beach, nature trails or mountains, take time to explore these natural habitats to alleviate stress or depression and find peace. Nature has restorative powers that can help people bounce back from the difficulties of life. Maximize your outdoor time by inviting family or friends along so you can enjoy the company of people you love.

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