According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around a third of senior citizens will fall in their homes and more than 800,000 of these will result in hospital admission each year. It’s not uncommon for a fall to result in a fractured bone – particularly the hip – or head injury.

There is any number of reasons why an elderly person might fall, including restricted mobility and leg weakness, side effects from medication, vitamin deficiencies, and problems with vision. It doesn’t take much to cause a significant injury either. Falling sideways and landing on the pelvis cause more than 95% of hip fractures. Senior-proofing the home can prevent pain and suffering.

Senior-proofing your home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive

Taking a trip to your local Home Depot for some basic DIY tools is often enough to make minor changes to the home that’ll make it safer for your elderly loved one.

Consider the home from your loved one’s point of view. If he or she has visual difficulties, are there any dark spots in the house that would benefit from improved lighting? Are all the rugs and carpets secured down, or are they a potential trip hazard?

Many of the aids and precautions you can take to provide safety for the elderly living at home are quick and easy to install. A needs assessment from a specialist care provider like Sunny Days can guide you in deciding what you’ll need to put in place.

Home Safety Measures for Elderly

There are easy home adjustments you can make today to prevent your aging loved one from an accident

For instance, creating a safe bathroom is important as a slippery floor can easily lead to a nasty fall. Simple bathroom upgrades such as a new shower seat, grab rails, or an anti-slip mat in the tub can be installed with just a drill, spirit level, screws and a screwdriver. You may not need tools at all for making the home safe for elderly.

Other quick five-minute adjustments for home safety measures include:

  • Securing all carpets and rugs with a hammer and tacks
  • Making sure nothing is difficult to reach, i.e. too high or too low
  • Install motion-activated lighting around the home
  • Ensure there are clutter-free walking paths with something to grab onto in case of a dizzy spell such as a grab rail or sturdy furniture

Despite precautions to senior proofing your home, accidents may still occur

A medical response system can be a great way to trigger an alert should a trip, fall, or other accidents take place. These systems are often pendants or wristbands seniors can wear with a large button they can press to summon help. This sends a signal to you, or another contact, that help is urgently required. Additionally, some medical alert devices can detect a fall, triggering the alert in case of a head injury or loss of consciousness. It’s possible to make the home safe and secure for the seniors in your life, giving them the independence they crave and peace of mind for the rest of your family. Sunny Days In-Home Care can help you ensure your loved ones are safe and healthy. Contact us today for your free in-home care consultation or call us at (724) 260-5186.

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