As you age, immunizations can play an important part in your health and wellness program. Vaccinations serve as a preventative measure against serious diseases that can take a toll on your health. August has been designated “National Immunization Awareness Month” to remind you to get the vaccinations you need for optimum health and wellness in your golden years.

Immunizations: A Part of Healthy Aging

Your immune system grows weaker as you age, leaving you more vulnerable to sickness and disease. When you do get sick, you face a greater risk of suffering complications from the disease. Immunizations protect you from contracting diseases that could be life-threatening in your senior years.

What kind of immunizations should seniors receive? Many doctors recommend seniors get vaccinated against the flu, pneumonia, shingles and pneumococcal diseases. If you have diabetes or heart conditions, you can benefit even more from these vaccines.

The good news is that Medicare Part B covers the cost of many immunizations to include flu, Hepatitis B and pneumococcal disease. By contacting the Medicare office near you, you can get more information on how Medicare can help you pay for the vaccinations you need.

Ways to Bolster Immune System

In addition to getting vaccinated, there are steps you can take to bolster your immune system to counter the effects that aging can cause. With a strong immune system, you can enjoy better health in your golden years. Boosting your immune system can be as simple as:

Watching Your Z-Z-Z’s  

Resist the temptation of late-night TV watching to get enough sleep. Quality nighttime sleep plus extra rest during the day, when needed, will keep you healthy and strengthen your immune system.

Eating and Drinking Healthily

Your eating and drinking habits will affect your immune system. For strong immune health, stick with healthy foods and drinks. Garlic, for example, not only boosts immune health but fights against heart disease. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential to your health and wellbeing.

Yogurt contains vitamin D and probiotics that strengthen the immune system and combat infections. If you have a cold, a hearty chicken soup with chicken, vegetables, potatoes, onions and garlic can help speed your recovery. Natural teas such as peppermint tea, green tea, and oolong tea carry antioxidants and other nutritional benefits that aid digestion, combat infections and boost immune health.

Working Out Regularly

Daily exercise to include walking, swimming, aerobics or even yoga will help you maintain good health and fitness. Regular workouts will strengthen your bones, enhance blood circulation and flush out your lungs, all of which contribute to boosting your immune system. Exercising outdoors lets you soak up vitamin D from the sun to further charge up your immune health.

If you need assistance scheduling immunizations or getting to an immunization center, we can help. At Sunny Days In-Home Care, our professional senior care services include transportation for medical appointments and care. To learn more, call us at 724-260-5186 today.

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