If you’re caring for elderly parents, you know what a challenge it can be to balance their needs with all the other demands of your life. It can even be difficult to convince your parents that they need help in the first place.

So, this holiday season, remember there is strength in numbers. If you’ve decided it’s time to get Mom, Dad or another loved one some help in the form of home health care, enlist your siblings and other family members for support during this time.

AARP offers some ideas for starting the conversation about home health care when you’re caring for an elderly parent.

Raise the issues casually

No one wants to feel “confronted.” Mention how a friend’s mother recently hired in-home help, or compliment your parent on how they’ve been keeping up with everything and suggest they take it easier.

Aim for the most effective areas

If you’re concerned about your dad taking his pills or whether your mom has been eating enough, suggest they get help with just that one task to provide non-medical elder care. Once they see how much they can achieve with a little help, they might be willing to accept more with a home health care service.

Talk about how you feel

Often, we project our own fears and worry onto others. Share with your parent your own concerns about their well-being. Seeing your side may help them understand and come around to accept some form of in-home care.

Don’t forget to listen

This is a conversation, and conversations should not be one-sided. Listen to understand your parent’s needs and concerns regarding home health care options. Ask open-ended questions to get them talking. You might be surprised to find out they’ve been thinking many of the same things, or have issues of which you were unaware.

Present your ideas as concerns, not criticisms

When you’re caring for an elderly parent, it can be easy to fall into critiques of their actions. Instead of doing this, express to them why something concerns you, and offer a solution. For example, instead of saying, “Why are you trying to take a shower by yourself? You’re going to fall!” you could say, “Mom, I worry about you slipping in the tub. Maybe we can hire someone to help.”

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If you’re caring for an elderly parent or loved one who you think would benefit from in-home care, contact Sunny Days In-Home Care. We can provide just the right amount of help to allow your loved one to stay safe while maintaining an independent lifestyle.

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